Wednesday 1 August 2012

Creating a more useful Powershell prompt



As Microsoft are moving more and more functions for their products to be Powershell aware, we are starting to use PS more than VBScript in our daily lives. Although I often use Quest’s Powergui for my coding as the watches built into the interface make debugging easier, I do also make use of the Powershell itself, in these instances I have to import the relevant module manually, by editing your PS profile you can make these tools available every time you click on the little blue icon.  This walkthrough will install the Active Directory and Exchange tools.


Here are the steps to achieve this.


1. Create a profile (If you don’t already have one)

New-Item -Itemtype file -path $profile -force

2. Edit your profile with notepad

notepad $profile

3. Add the following code

import-module activedirectory

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010
. $env:ExchangeInstallPath\bin\RemoteExchange.ps1
Connect-ExchangeServer –auto

4. Save the file and re-open Powershell


You will now have a Powershell which loads the AD and Exchange tools by default.

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