Thursday 10 April 2014

Dell Latitude Series - Freezing on Wake up

At my college we have a lot of Dell equipment, we deploy out our operating system via Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and because I am quite picky with my folder structures, I am able to ensure that all the drivers in MDT are kept up to date for each type of laptop.

Now in one occasion, a particular driver deployed caused multiple issues when it came to the laptop waking up from Sleep mode.  These issues included:

  • Not waking up at all, even when the power button is pressed or keys are pressed.
  • Waking up but the screen is black
  • Waking up but then the keyboard and mouse lock up giving the impression of a frozen laptop.
  • Blue screening in rare occasions

Naturally we updated Chipset drivers, BIOS, Graphics.

We went through them one by one until we came across the cause and i'm confident others have had this issue, especially since  it affects Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 7.  Primarily the x64 versions, but looking across forums, it seems to be affecting some x86 as well.

Turns out, weirdly, it is caused by the O2 Micro Driver (for your SD Card).

To confirm it, simply disable the MMC/SD Driver in your Device Manager and see if Sleep modes begins to work better for you. 

This is a tricky one to diagnose without time to figure it out, so I hope this helps some people out there.

Simply update to the latest driver, (or older) as long as its different to the version you have and it should resolve itself.


Upon realizing the problem I have stumbled across other forums that have found this to be the case and judging by the comments it seems to be helping others.  It's always easy to find answers when you know the answer already. 

Since this blog was made before my post, it is only fair to give credit to: Gnawgnu @

Good work mate.

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