Friday 8 April 2011

Installing Sims via a script

If the need arises to install Sims onto a large quantity of workstations and Solus 3 is not an option you can use the following script, the only changes needed are to ensure that the connect.ini and sims.ini files are located in the root of S: and to edit the second line of the script to match your own situation.

@echo off
net use S: \\SIMSSERVER\SIMS-SHARE password /user:DOMAIN\Username

S:\SIMS\Setups\simsinfrastructuresetup.exe -a {QuietMode} {SIMSWorkstation} {FMSWorkstation}
S:\SIMS\Setups\simsapplicationSetup.exe /S {QuietMode} [SIMSDirectory="S:\SIMS" [SIMSDotNetDirectory]="C:\Program Files\SIMS\SIMS .net"
S:\SIMS\Setups\simsmanualSetup.exe /S {QuietMode} [SIMSDirectory]="S:\SIMS" [SIMSDotNetDirectory]="C:\Program Files\SIMS\SIMS .net"
S:\SIMS\Setups\simsamparkSetup.exe /S {QuietMode} [SIMSDirectory]="S:\SIMS" [SIMSDotNetDirectory]="C:\Program Files\SIMS\SIMS .net"
XCopy S:\connect.ini "C:\Program Files\SIMS\Sims .net" /y
XCopy S:\SIMS.ini "C:\Windows" /y
net use s: /d

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