Saturday 16 April 2011

Unresponsive Flash player applications

If you are using flash based software which becomes unresponsive to clicks, this may be due to Flash player not trusting the file or path you are accessing. To work around this problem you may require a config file to allow flash to trust a file location. In order to open things up ensure you have a folder called 'FlashPlayerTrust' in the following path.


Within this folder create a file with the .cfg extension, inside this file you will require the path of the folder you wish to trust, you can put multiple paths in this file, one on each line



Just to make sure, give the machine a restart and you should find the application now works as expected.


  1. I agree with you about Unresponsive Flash player applications.You are right that To work around this problem we may require a config file to allow flash to trust a file location.I was searching for this information.Can you share some more links related to this information.It will really be helpful and informative.

  2. Unfortunately I cannot give any further links, I encountered this while working on an RM system and got the info from one of their information sheets, unless you are a subscriber of theirs you will not have access to the knowlege base.


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