Tuesday 12 November 2013

Data Protection Manager - Unable to configure protection SQL Server 2012

So you use Data Protection Manager 2012 within System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and you try and setup the backup of Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Well all the dates match, surely it will work?

Error:  Unable to Configure Protection.

When you Google or Bing this error you find that the most common answer (on Microsofts own website and on various forums) is: "You must explicitly add the system account NTAuthority\System to the Sysadmin group on SQL Server."

The reason this is such a common answer is because it does actually work to be fair, however simply saying this is not help.  It's too vague and sometimes you just want a step by step, do this and it'll work fix. 

I love how sometimes you are expected to know, oh yeh, everything. 

This is how you actually do this.

1. Login to your SQL Server and go to SQL Server Management Studio.
2. Connect to your server and instance.

3. In the folder structure (Image Above)) Choose Security -> Logins and expand logins.
4. In the massive list of users, find the NT Authority\System User.  Right click and choose properties.
5. On the left hand side under the "select a page" header, choose Server Roles. (Image Below)

6. Click on the Sysadmin tick box and press ok. (Image Above)
7. Do a consistency check on the DPM Server and as if by magic, you get green ticks all across DPM. (Image Below)

I hope this helps.  It seems to be quite a popular thread on many forums out there but no step by step no nonsense guide. If I find more of these "Just do that" situations with no actual help, i'll try and get more step by step guides done.

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